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How to Customize Prompt Thumbnail?

How to Customize WordPress Prompt Thumbnail?

I’m not satisfied with the WordPress “prompt thumbnail” screenshot. The created screenshot is a result of a pingback. Is it possible to customize the thumbnail? Is it crazy to say that we want somebody to click on our little square box to visit our blog? In my opinion, half of my thumbnail doesn’t provide any useful summary of my blog post. For example, what is the point of showing a small tiny menu and a title? In other words, the main-menu is hard to read at that size. Also, why is the name of the post displayed twice? First in white overlayed, then on the image.

4 Helpful WordPress Plugins Increase Your Reach

4 Helpful WordPress Plugins: Increase Your Reach

Yesterday, I had looked at my follow button because I don’t like how it placed and it’s style. I needed a way to hide and show the follow my blog button. In fact, my inspiration came from the original style. So, I started googling for helpful WordPress Plugins. For example, I need a way to attach my follow button to the bottom right and fade it when the user scrolls the mouse wheel. Despite my journey with WordPress support, I managed to find a few plugins/CSS to help me achieve the result I needed. Here is a list of useful items that helped me…

WordPress Comments Rant

WordPress Comments Rant & Day In Review

The other day I was troubleshooting WordPress comments. Stoner and I were discussing artwork, but she pointed out that if somebody clicks my name they go to the wrong place. Also, I was under the impression that we were both viewing the comments from the desktop. Yet, Stoner was viewing the comments from the reader. For example, after a fury of images being sent back and forth, I learned that she was correct in saying that site was not right. In fact, she was navigating to a site called As a result, I spoke to WordPress support and they pointed out that I needed to go to my account setting and just update a few fields. Thus, the moral of the story is use screenshots! I think we spent a few hours in plain confusion (see Worker Bee Story below).

red bowers and wilkins p3 headphones

PC Repair @ 360mobile

PC Repair is needed almost always. My friend and I worked on a side project but had nowhere to display our information, so we decided to turn it into a website. He wanted an area to show his repairs on iPhone’s and PC and the services he provides.

Blogger Feature

Blogger Hosting Why I moved to

WordPress (commercial), they configure everything for you. This fits perfectly with my goal, as I wanted a simple location to share my work with you. This enables me to focus on my hobbies, without having to touch code or configure anything with the hosting provider. As much as I love coding at work, I prefer not to do so when I’m working on my personal time.