Particular What is the Truth About Blogging?

Today, in Particular, I realized that I need to stop or change the way I produce my stories. In like manner, I will not force myself to post stories at the cost of my sleep, energy and daily activities. Also, after listening to my fellow bloggers, I came to a new understanding, and I will try to put in place. I apologize to anybody who was expecting a story today! Don’t worry I’m not giving up and I have a plan.

Black: What is a good transition point?

Fade to Black 🕶️ 😍 At the present time, the magical dancer was teaching our neophyte how to create clothes. In other words, we should give Mike a proper attire, we discover this in the story Dancing: How to do an Art Dance? At the same time, Mike is practicing his spells, potions are flying and the lights flickerContinue reading “Black: What is a good transition point?”

Neophyte: How to become a wizard?

Neophyte Night Classes 🧙 In time for a class? Coupled with a magical desk, lots of potions and a wizard hat, we shell teach this neophyte a new skill or two. Although this may be true, last time Mike was almost in a fight Strut: Why and Who is this Dancer!? As a matter of fact, whyContinue reading “Neophyte: How to become a wizard?”