What Atmospheric Pressure Reveals A Dark Intent?

Atmospheric Pressure Up to the present time, we sense atmospheric pressure all around. Last time, Mark left us with a question. Either, enter the castle without the map or get it from the Riff Dancer? Mike replies I will return another day and speak with the Riff Dancer. At the moment, the fog starts pouring out, and weContinue reading “What Atmospheric Pressure Reveals A Dark Intent?”


Mushroom: What did the Jester say?

Mushroom Jester 🍄 Last time, our hero seen a Jester in mushroom like color pattern. Today, closer then ever before, we are in front of a castle 🏰 and Jester at the side. Deep in thought, Mike conjured a few thousand outcomes. Be it as it may, Mike asked, what is your name Jester!? Mark, he replies!Continue reading “Mushroom: What did the Jester say?”

Who is this standing Droll self mockery?

Unique Brand of Droll 😱 Castle in view, our hero stood closer then ever. He noticed a jester with a unique brand of Droll self-mockery standing a top of the castle walls. It almost seemed unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement. If you missed yesterday story, have a read on Honk: When you should notContinue reading “Who is this standing Droll self mockery?”

Dubious: What did Mike Agree on?

Dubious Mike 😧 At the present time, our hero accepts a challenge. First, he looked dubious, but agreed to extract the item for the Dancer. To clarify, our hero wants to join Riff Dancers and be part of something great. Not to mention, if you missed it, read Who are the Riff Dancers Kinship? Of course this is great news,Continue reading “Dubious: What did Mike Agree on?”