Mercy Can Have Closure and So Can I

Mercy For the Simple 👼 Please have mercy, today was a simple day, more straightforward than usual. I woke up with a plan to visit my girl. In the same light, I needed to pack. I knew I would be staying for a few days. As a result, I packed two pairs of everything. For example, I got myContinue reading “Mercy Can Have Closure and So Can I”

Panacea: The Story that could Have been?

Panacea The Story Panacea is today’s art challenge. I’ve created these stories based on my experience with them. Such as, Proxy: What Destruction Can be Caused By War? Googling fun, interesting and cartoon images. To show, Neighbors: How to Draw them & Improve Your Focus? Yet, a coworker of mine and I discussed a way to speed up theContinue reading “Panacea: The Story that could Have been?”