Morning Pages Stop Blocking – The Artist Way

Every morning I write my morning pages in a small, brightly lit room to unlock my creative expression. Afterword, I continued my Instagram DIET plan. However, I didn’t feel comfortable publishing my morning pages on the blog because of my terrible writing. Interestingly, I will speak about my experience and growth. Also, if you canContinue reading “Morning Pages Stop Blocking – The Artist Way”

What does Valentines Day mean to me?

Valentines Day starts and ends in February. Yet, feel free to continue celebrating it every day! It is a festive day like no other, where a hint of romance fills our lungs and holds our hearts strong. You know that rush, maybe writing your first letter, standing in line trying to make sense of which flowers to get.

WordPress Comments Rant & Day In Review

The other day I was troubleshooting WordPress comments. Stoner and I were discussing artwork, but she pointed out that if somebody clicks my name they go to the wrong place. Also, I was under the impression that we were both viewing the comments from the desktop. Yet, Stoner was viewing the comments from the reader. For example, after a fury of images being sent back and forth, I learned that she was correct in saying that site was not right. In fact, she was navigating to a site called As a result, I spoke to WordPress support and they pointed out that I needed to go to my account setting and just update a few fields. Thus, the moral of the story is use screenshots! I think we spent a few hours in plain confusion (see Worker Bee Story below).