Mushroom: What did the Jester say?

Mushroom Jester 🍄 Last time, our hero seen a Jester in mushroom like color pattern. Today, closer then ever before, we are in front of a castle 🏰 and Jester at the side. Deep in thought, Mike conjured a few thousand outcomes. Be it as it may, Mike asked, what is your name Jester!? Mark, he replies!Continue reading “Mushroom: What did the Jester say?”

Neophyte: How to become a wizard?

Neophyte Night Classes 🧙 In time for a class? Coupled with a magical desk, lots of potions and a wizard hat, we shell teach this neophyte a new skill or two. Although this may be true, last time Mike was almost in a fight Strut: Why and Who is this Dancer!? As a matter of fact, whyContinue reading “Neophyte: How to become a wizard?”