Dancing Dancers: What inspired It?

Dancing Dancers Yesterday, I was hosting the Imaginative Illustrators of NYC, and our drawing prompt was dancing dancers. Not really knowing what to draw, I went on autopilot and started to sketch clouds. Arrg, 20 mins later I saw lovers dancing in the vapors under the 🌒⚡! Life is like dancing. If we have aContinue reading “Dancing Dancers: What inspired It?”

Imaginative Illustrators Of NYC: How to draw?

Looking forward to going Imaginative Illustrators of NYC, wait! 🛑 New readers? Welcome to my blog! It might be worth reading my intro at striving-pro-artist. Hey, I got to look out for the newbies, but, meanwhile, I’m sketching at lighting speed, looking for purpose and running into challenges every day. While on my journey, I came across aContinue reading “Imaginative Illustrators Of NYC: How to draw?”