Fall Harvest: How to get Inspiration?

In preparation of the fall harvest, we the Imaginative Illustrators of NYC decided to draw in theme. Join me on my journey on how the images below came into existence. We had many ideas. For example, blood harvest, slasher idols, and historical persons. The particular image you see above is a small scene from aContinue reading “Fall Harvest: How to get Inspiration?”

Dancing Dancers: What inspired It?

Dancing Dancers Yesterday, I was hosting the Imaginative Illustrators of NYC, and our drawing prompt was dancing dancers. Not really knowing what to draw, I went on autopilot and started to sketch clouds. Arrg, 20 mins later I saw lovers dancing in the vapors under the 🌒⚡! Life is like dancing. If we have aContinue reading “Dancing Dancers: What inspired It?”