Drawing Plan 11: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies

Hi, friends, starting up my drawing plan 11. Yesterday, I woke up later but forced myself to the writing-table. I starting penciling in my morning pages on the IPad, it took me about 40 minutes to finish writing my pages. I can’t say what I wrote because it too damn private for you to read.Continue reading “Drawing Plan 11: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies”

Subway Doodles Sketch Underway V5

Days ago I started a new journey of creating subway doodles. My art instructor,  recommended I try to develop doodles on the subway. He mentioned that this would be a way to practice my eye accuracy. However, my goal is to practice his technique. In fact, a few days ago, I created a video called How To Draw Proportional Spray Can? Thus, when should I practice his way and is there a way I can still blend into my daily trips?

Gremlins: What do they look like and Who?

Gremlins is a 1984 American comedy horror movie. I’m excited to draw it to today’s blog post!  Also, “its an imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem”. Yet, that is how Google defined this mischievous creature. In contrast, this morning I did not need to get up, bedridden. By the same token, waking up to a friendly face is the best feeling in the morning. Upma and tea. It’s a type of grain, also known as cream of wheat. A breakfast dish and a touch of spice.