Sludge Ski Women and any Inspiration?

When the Sludge Rolled In 🙄 Yesterday, I organized my sludge and added my stories underneath the thoughts menu. Also, let me know if you are having any issues accessing them? As a matter a fact, I learned that I can create menu’s using WordPress categories! Next day, I was on my way to work andContinue reading “Sludge Ski Women and any Inspiration?”

Proxy: War Can cause what Destruction?

Proxy War 🏴󠁡󠁦󠁷󠁡󠁲󠁿 Today was a pretty solid day, a slight chill, but sunny enough to keep you warm. More importantly, today’s prompt is Proxy; I defined it as the authority to represent someone else, especially in voting or a person authorized to act for another. Besides, if you add another word to next to proxy, it becomesContinue reading “Proxy: War Can cause what Destruction?”