Phoenix Sketches are Underway V3

This morning I decided to work on my phoenix sketches. Furthermore, I wanted a way to capture a small timelapse of my drawing. In doing this, it will give me a way to share my progress with you. For example, I can show you all the steps in between as opposed to a still image. Likewise, I used a tool called open broadcaster software or OBS for short. If you’re interested in learning more about it take a look at How to use Open Broadcaster Software? With the combination of SketchBook Pro and OBS, I started drawing. Upon finishing the video capture, the challenge of editing and combining the video files is the last step.

Valentines Day Experience in Review 2018

To show my Valentines day experience, I choose to write about it. In other words, I want you to experience what I felt during my day. In other words, people have several ways to celebrate it. My morning started with my alarm waking me up 15 minutes earlier than usual. I had made plans to leave on time so that I can make it for my painting event. After painting, I had planned to have dinner at Salaam Bombay. It’s an Indian restaurant a few blocks away from the Muse Paintbar. Also, it serves buffet-style lunch. Then I went home.

VR World Experience in New York 2018

A few weeks ago, I went to VR world. It is a new place for me thus I remember feeling nervous. I ask myself this question: Does everybody get this feeling when they visit a new place? Great day, nonetheless, I remember looking for places to visit while in the area. I noticed that ThinkGeek was sharing a store with GameStop. After VR World we decided to walk up 5th Ave. So for that reason, I discovered stores and, a few churches along the way. For example, we stopped at Muji, Microsoft store, and Uniqlo.