Stubborn Artist Who Loves A Challenge

Stubborn Artist Not every day is about drawing, but being a stubborn artist. Moreover, you can say that painting is more natural than thinking about why you draw in the first place. I know your probably thinking, another rant! Hold on, its an exciting rant with a solution! If you stick around, I will showContinue reading “Stubborn Artist Who Loves A Challenge”


Imaginative Illustrators Of NYC: How to draw?

Looking forward to going Imaginative Illustrators of NYC, wait! 🛑 New readers? Welcome to my blog! It might be worth reading my intro at striving-pro-artist. Hey, I got to look out for the newbies, but, meanwhile, I’m sketching at lighting speed, looking for purpose and running into challenges every day. While on my journey, I came across aContinue reading “Imaginative Illustrators Of NYC: How to draw?”

7th Dragon III Code: VFD – Healing Waterfall

7th Dragon III Code: VFD Today, I want to be an artist. Ha! I’m an artist every day. I see things. If your new to my blog, please check out striving to become a professional artist so that I can give you a proper introduction. A few weeks ago a coworker approached me and told me 7thContinue reading “7th Dragon III Code: VFD – Healing Waterfall”

📢 Findings On How To Timelapse ⏱

Ultimately got to my video timelapse finished with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Premier and After Effects. I had forgotten to write how much seconds between shots. It might have been 30 frames per second or FPS. I hope the video comes out right. Nobody watches them anyway, so who cares right? While talking with a friend over the phone, I discovered that about 600 images had a freaking orange color background. The result of leaving my Chronolapse recording while I had closed my tablet. During this time I had joined the Challenges Wild West Key-Frame Concept Art Competition. I’m hoping to get good feedback from the hosts.