two point perspective: How to draw

Hi Masters, today, I did a study on a two-point perspective while streaming on Instagram. More importantly, I wanted to improve my skills in the area, and I wanted to see if live broadcasting is a fun way to teach myself. Interestingly, I streamed at home in my NYC apt in my cozy office space.Continue reading “two point perspective: How to draw”


Life at the North Pole: How to Draw

Masters, during the commute, I turn into the best artist mode for the life at the North Pole. Lots of people on the train. The goal is to impress. Today it was slightly different. The plan is to prepare for the art meetup. How you ask? It all begins with starting up my Pinterest app.Continue reading “Life at the North Pole: How to Draw”

Interview with Shawn Dronstad

Hello Masters, today I want to share an original, thoughtful way you can improve your blog writing with an interview with Shawn aka Dronstad. I’ve struggled with writing every post. Also, I looked online for guidance, but haven’t found a clear way to help me write better. To make it exciting and fun, I askedContinue reading “Interview with Shawn Dronstad”

Community Art Store: Week Review

Hi, today I will try to open my community art store. Hold it, How is your week/weekend? As I’m writing, trying to maintain focus on this while talking to my mom. I’m working on opening up a community art store on my blog. Also, the other day, I was running in the morning and managedContinue reading “Community Art Store: Week Review”