Subway Doodles Sketch Underway V5

Days ago I started a new journey of creating subway doodles. My art instructor,  recommended I try to develop doodles on the subway. He mentioned that this would be a way to practice my eye accuracy. However, my goal is to practice his technique. In fact, a few days ago, I created a video called How To Draw Proportional Spray Can? Thus, when should I practice his way and is there a way I can still blend into my daily trips?

Art Blog: What is the Best Platform?

WordPress (commercial), they configure everything for you. This fits perfectly with my goal, as I wanted a simple location to share my work with you. This enables me to focus on my hobbies, without having to touch code or configure anything with the hosting provider. As much as I love coding at work, I prefer not to do so when I’m working on my personal time.