4 Helpful WordPress Plugins: Increase Your Reach

Yesterday, I had looked at my follow button because I don’t like how it placed and it’s style. I needed a way to hide and show the follow my blog button. In fact, my inspiration came from the original style. So, I started googling for helpful WordPress Plugins. For example, I need a way to attach my follow button to the bottom right and fade it when the user scrolls the mouse wheel. Despite my journey with WordPress support, I managed to find a few plugins/CSS to help me achieve the result I needed. Here is a list of useful items that helped me…

How to use Visual Studio with Multithreading?

Using Visual Studio with Multithreading tips, tricks, C# Programmers who start coding with multithreading and C#, get different first impressions. First, they are either afraid of new frameworks and patterns, then try their own methods. Secondly, they are brave, ready to jump on Visual Studio, C# and start learning multithreading. I had to be brave, I didn’tContinue reading “How to use Visual Studio with Multithreading?”