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Valentines Day in Review 2018

Valentines Day Experience in Review 2018

To show my Valentines day experience, I choose to write about it. In other words, I want you to experience what I felt during my day. In other words, people have several ways to celebrate it. My morning started with my alarm waking me up 15 minutes earlier than usual. I had made plans to leave on time so that I can make it for my painting event. After painting, I had planned to have dinner at Salaam Bombay. It’s an Indian restaurant a few blocks away from the Muse Paintbar. Also, it serves buffet-style lunch. Then I went home.

5 Hacks to Elevate Your Skills During Paint Nite!

5 Hacks to Elevate Your Skills During Paint Nite!

A while ago I joined paint nite to create the Frozen Forest II at the Essex Restaurant. I will go discuss 5 steps to improve your painting. In other words, we will start with dinner because it’s not good to paint on an empty stomach. Then we will talk about the actual painting experience. For example, what I learned from the event and the dirty truth… Finally, I’ll go through the steps the instructor taught us. Then I will wrap up with some suggestions. Thus, you can use these hacks to elevate your skills on the canvas!