Striving to Become a Professional Artist


Hi, welcome to my blog! My name is Vyacheslav, but you can call me Vye. I am striving to become a professional 2D/3D artist. How? If you stick around I will let you in on a secret. But first, let me tell you something interesting about me. For example, I work full-time as a computer programmer with the government. Yet, in my spare time, I draw with my digital pen and I dream to bring inspiring and useful content to you! By the same token, I want to share my art and grow with you.

Help Others Become Striving Artists! 😍

As an artist, I’m interested in learning more about the digital and traditional world. Yet, my dream is to inspire other artists with my work. For example, I would like to join your team to create a piece of art that will either cause great sorrow or happiness. Thus, I want to find an internship/job/meetup to challenge myself, so I can share my findings and inspire you. In other words, it will allow me to grow and gain experience.

I had used all sorts of software and gained a lot of experience. For example, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile. Also, a shout out to the Blender community and Sketchbook Pro because they are super useful to me!

Be part of the adventure! Become a striving artist, inspire others and help each other!

Want to drop me an email? Visit my contact page.

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