Space Station How to Create it with SubDivFormer?

Space Station Follow a few simple steps to create a  with SubDivFormer.

  • Get inspired
  • Pick an app that’s easy to use
  • Practice

The Story

This could be us in the near future, expanding our frontier. The inspiration for these came from a co-worker, he mentioned to me that when he was young, he would dabble in creating these. I was a bit discouraged at first, thinking that it would be hard to create. However, the story was bit different then I had imagined, I had discovered this interesting app called SubDivFormer. An Android app, which you can download here for free. I was sitting on the train on my way to work, just making shapes, and my mind started connecting the bulb into something that looked like a spaceship. A few weeks later, I had continued modeling and produced the space station as well.

The app itself is easy to use for quick modeling, however its a bit limited and needs a lot of polish.

Afterword, I took them into Blender to work on the topology and here is the result.

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