How to Draw a Dragon: 6 steps?

Drawing A Dragon in 6 Steps

The Story

After I created my first dragon, I was eager to try again and see if I can draw it everyday for a whole week. As a result, I created a goal to see if I can render this thing without having to always refer to my reference. However, it’s freaking hard!!

Next, so how do you make it?

First of all,  you start with a basic circle (head) and a loose long line. Afterword, you create large two large circles towards the middle of the body. Rather then making lots of detail, try to stick with simple shapes at the start. Before, I write out a whole paragraph, which I almost did…

Here are 6 steps to consider

  • Create 2 large intersecting circles.
  • Connect lines from neck all the way around to the tail
    • Tail end will taper (Triangle)
    • Chest usually sticks out more
  • Sketch in the nose/mouth
    • Its shaped like a trapezoid
  • Draw a single wing stem from a circle (Sketch 3)
    • I broke it down in six segments or lines
    • Later on you can draw out the longer fingers
      • They should be 2-3 segments long
      • The tips of the wing should stretch out to the hip (sketch 6.2)
  • Legs
    • start by creating small circles (sketch 5) for knee caps
      • Try to position circles away from each other
    • Create the hands as circles first to get an idea of proportion
      • Then draw in a few fingers
        • Use squares for the fingers
        • Try not to focus too much on the detail early on (sketch 8)
  • Add the eye, mouth and horns
    • I generally draw the eye using a pentagon shape, then add detail later

That’s it for now…

I know this isn’t the complete setup, but it should be enough to get you started. If you want the remaining steps, you can get the remain steps from the book DragonArt from here. Feel free to post your creations in the comments below. If you like what you see, please like, re-blog and follow for more inspiration!

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