The making of the Unnamed Game

The Unnamed Game My colleague and I decided to team up together to build a Unnamed game. Also, I want to share the experience with you because I believe it will help you when you design a game or idea. Jumping right in, he will focus on coding in Unity, and I will help withContinue reading “The making of the Unnamed Game”

Interview with Shawn Dronstad

Hello Masters, today I want to share an original, thoughtful way you can improve your blog writing with an interview with Shawn aka Dronstad. I’ve struggled with writing every post. Also, I looked online for guidance, but haven’t found a clear way to help me write better. To make it exciting and fun, I askedContinue reading “Interview with Shawn Dronstad”

Rothko Abstract Painting Contest Experience

Today I want to tell you about my Rothko abstract painting contest experience. AIso, I want to share what I felt during the contest. More importantly, I want to bestow the technique on to you. Finally, in the end, I will share the location of the submissions. Experience The Rothko Abstract Painting I’ll start by sayingContinue reading “Rothko Abstract Painting Contest Experience”

Nightmare Dronstad: How to draw?

There is not every day you want to be a writer. Therefore, I’m writing to let you know that I drew something incredible. Plus, I know you’re expecting a 🐓 tease. Furthermore, Dronstad contacts me about his nightmare and asks me to do a picture for him. And that’s it. Therefore, I signed up; heContinue reading “Nightmare Dronstad: How to draw?”