Stubborn Artist Who Loves A Challenge

Stubborn Artist Not every day is about drawing, but being a stubborn artist. Moreover, you can say that painting is more natural than thinking about why you draw in the first place. I know your probably thinking, another rant! Hold on, its an exciting rant with a solution! If you stick around, I will showContinue reading “Stubborn Artist Who Loves A Challenge”


Life at the North Pole: How to Draw

Masters, during the commute, I turn into the best artist mode for the life at the North Pole. Lots of people on the train. The goal is to impress. Today it was slightly different. The plan is to prepare for the art meetup. How you ask? It all begins with starting up my Pinterest app.Continue reading “Life at the North Pole: How to Draw”

Trapped Behind Wall Drawing

Trapped Behind Wall, that is my mind for the last few weeks. In other words, I had cooked up an image inside my mind, and I wanted to share my thoughts in writing and drawing form. Besides, I have not told you yet, but I’m into astrology, and it has gotten me thinking about howContinue reading “Trapped Behind Wall Drawing”

Nightly Art Recording Pencil Sketch

Hello Masters, I want to tell you about my nightly art recording. For example, it will include a Yeti microphone, boom arm, stool and desk pencil sketch I had drawn in the late hours of my day. Also, I’m experimenting with the idea of making nightly art to share with you. At the end of theContinue reading “Nightly Art Recording Pencil Sketch”