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Category: Inspiration

5 Hacks to Elevate Your Skills During Paint Nite!

5 Hacks to Elevate Your Skills During Paint Nite!

A while ago I joined paint nite to create the Frozen Forest II at the Essex Restaurant. I will go discuss 5 steps to improve your painting. In other words, we will start with dinner because it’s not good to paint on an empty stomach. Then we will talk about the actual painting experience. For example, what I learned from the event and the dirty truth… Finally, I’ll go through the steps the instructor taught us. Then I will wrap up with some suggestions. Thus, you can use these hacks to elevate your skills on the canvas!

Reusable Ski Packing Checklist

Reusable Ski Packing Checklist

I created this reusable ski packing checklist, so that next time I go, it will be faster to get my pack done. In other words, I have included links to some of the products I purchased that had helped me with my trip. Not to mention, if you do decide to buy something, I’ll get some commission and you’ll get a chance to support me.

Lady Mt Snow

3D Studios Where are they Located?

3D studios are all over the world. I was going through my ArtStation emails and I realized I got so many job locations. In the same light, I figured it would be a good idea to compile a list of 2D/3D studio around the world. Yet, the names of some of these places might change and the location. Thus, I created a table of location and studio name. In short, you can use this list as a way to find 3d studios in your location or move to a place where there are more of them.

Gremlins Feature

Gremlins: What do they look like and Who?

Gremlins is a 1984 American comedy horror movie. I’m excited to draw it to today’s blog post!  Also, “its an imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem”. Yet, that is how Google defined this mischievous creature. In contrast, this morning I did not need to get up, bedridden. By the same token, waking up to a friendly face is the best feeling in the morning. Upma and tea. It’s a type of grain, also known as cream of wheat. A breakfast dish and a touch of spice.