Alien Invasion at Cambridge

Alien had always wanted to start an alien invasion in Cambridge because of its courageous, bright Castles. It was a place where he felt stressed.

He was an admirable, violent, wine drinker with chubby ankles and moist lips. His friends saw him as a moldy, mangled monster. Once, he had even made a cup of tea for a glorious puppy. That’s the sort of man he was.

Alien walked over to the window and reflected on his picturesque surroundings. The sun shone like shouting birds.

Then he saw something in the distance, or preferably someone. It was the figure of Felicity Wu. Felicity was a giving patient with robust ankles and feathery lips.

Alien gulped. He was not prepared for Felicity.

As Alien stepped outside and Felicity came closer, he could see the modern glint in her eye.


Blind Giraffe Genie Searching for Cure

Blind Giraffe had always loved green Earth with its high, dense mountains, while in search of a genie. Also, it was a place where he felt fuzzy.

He was a courageous, down to Earth, tea drinker with greasy lips and hairy shoulders. Moreover, his friends saw him as a gleaming, gigantic giant. Once, he had even helped a sparkling Genie get out of his lamp. That’s the sort of man he was.

Blind Giraffe and Genie
Blind Giraffe and Genie

Giraffe walked over to the end of the road and reflected on his cozy surroundings. Meanwhile, the moon glowed like chatting rabbits.

Then he saw something in the distance, or preferably someone. Also, it was the figure of Genie. Genie was a remarkable saint with spiky tips and big elbows.

Genie gulped. Then he was not prepared for Giraffe.


Witch Pet Newt: Plot Generator

Witch Pet Newt: Hand Drawn

The Witch was thinking about Newt again. Newt was a caring angel with red arms and slimy hands, for instance.

The Witch walked over to the window and reflected on her beautiful surroundings. She had always loved magical Sidney with its empty, harsh houses. Besides, it was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel delighted.

Then the Witch saw something in the distance, or preferably someone. It was the caring figure, in particular. Then, the Witch thought, she always wanted a pet Newt.

Witch gulped. Then, she glanced at her reflection. She was a kind, bright, tea drinker, with tall arms and moist hands. For example, her friends saw her as a weary, wandering witch. Once, she had even saved a strange kitten that was stuck in a drain.

But not even a kind person who had saved a strange kitten that was stuck in a drain was prepared for what Newt had in-store today.

The sun shone like walking salamander, making Witch lonely. Then the Witch grabbed a magic spell that had been strewn nearby; Then, massaged it with her fingers.


A Turtle Playing Trumpet!

Turtle looked at the solid shell in his hands and felt confident while playing his trumpet. Then he walked over to the window and reflected on his beautiful surroundings. He had always loved wild Under The Sea with its square, smoggy seaweed.

It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel confident. Then he saw something in the distance, or preferably someone. Moreover, it was the figure of Trumpet. Also, the trumpet was a noble eager with moist lips and charming eyes.

Turtle gulped. He glanced at his reflection. Then Turtle had a vision of playing the trumpet. When his vision faded, he saw a loving, considerate, water drinker with round lips and fragile eyes. Also, his friends saw him as a square, smoggy spirited. Once, he had even made a cup of tea for a brave shell.


New Year 2020 Upcoming Agenda

Happy New Year 2020! – “May this year bring peace, freshness, and joy in you and your family life! Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year.” – Stolen from the internet, but seriously, I want all my fellow readers to keep their chin up and stay positive for New Year 2020. What’s more, keep doing what you love and keep your goals small and manageable, then you will find success! In particular, I will discuss my plan for 2020. Then, I will talk about a new release for the long-awaited Unnamed Game update. Finally, I didn’t want to miss saying my thanks to you for the new year 2020! 

2020 is upon us!

Happy New Year 2020 Agenda

In the coming new year 2020, I’m planning to continue focusing on art and connecting with you to aid in your journey. Although last year my posting slowed down to a monthly crawl, I won’t give up on the excitement. In particular, I’m interested in expanding my fundamentals like perspective and figure drawing. Also, I think it will benefit you because I enjoy explaining my workflow and mistakes. Finally, what if I had another writer in the year 2020, but more of that in the next paragraph!

Updates coming for Unnamed Game

Before the new year 2020, the last three months have been busy due to long hours at work and slowly writing and editing Unnamed Game Post with my coworker Tyler. For instance, I would go into Grammarly, OBS, and slowly edit the blog post. Also, if you haven’t read the first Unnamed Game, give it a read here. However, since I have only an hour of lunch and low inspiration during heavy days, it is hard to focus on the good stuff. For example, it hard to concentrate after a long day, but I’m doing my best to give you the message. Also, in the year 2020, it would be great if I could focus on my artwork instead of writing. However, Shawn told me that I would lose my blogger’s voice, so I’m conflicted.


Finally, the forthcoming new post is the Unnamed Game with more in-game progress, 3D Model, and state engine development. I hope you excited as me, and looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments! Stay warm and safe, wishing you and your family greatness for the new year 2020!