New Year 2020 Upcoming Agenda

Happy New Year 2020! – “May this year bring peace, freshness, and joy in you and your family life! Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year.” – Stolen from the internet, but seriously, I want all my fellow readers to keep their chin up and stay positive for New Year 2020. What’s more, keep doing what you love and keep your goals small and manageable, then you will find success! In particular, I will discuss my plan for 2020. Then, I will talk about a new release for the long-awaited Unnamed Game update. Finally, I didn’t want to miss saying my thanks to you for the new year 2020! 

2020 is upon us!

Happy New Year 2020 Agenda

In the coming new year 2020, I’m planning to continue focusing on art and connecting with you to aid in your journey. Although last year my posting slowed down to a monthly crawl, I won’t give up on the excitement. In particular, I’m interested in expanding my fundamentals like perspective and figure drawing. Also, I think it will benefit you because I enjoy explaining my workflow and mistakes. Finally, what if I had another writer in the year 2020, but more of that in the next paragraph!

Updates coming for Unnamed Game

Before the new year 2020, the last three months have been busy due to long hours at work and slowly writing and editing Unnamed Game Post with my coworker Tyler. For instance, I would go into Grammarly, OBS, and slowly edit the blog post. Also, if you haven’t read the first Unnamed Game, give it a read here. However, since I have only an hour of lunch and low inspiration during heavy days, it is hard to focus on the good stuff. For example, it hard to concentrate after a long day, but I’m doing my best to give you the message. Also, in the year 2020, it would be great if I could focus on my artwork instead of writing. However, Shawn told me that I would lose my blogger’s voice, so I’m conflicted.


Finally, the forthcoming new post is the Unnamed Game with more in-game progress, 3D Model, and state engine development. I hope you excited as me, and looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments! Stay warm and safe, wishing you and your family greatness for the new year 2020!


The making of the Unnamed Game

The Unnamed Game

My colleague and I decided to team up together to build a Unnamed game. Also, I want to share the experience with you because I believe it will help you when you design a game or idea. Jumping right in, he will focus on coding in Unity, and I will help with Art direction. Meanwhile, we don’t have a name for the game, hence Unnamed Game. However, we are gathering resources for inspiration. For example, we are collaborating on Google Drive, Team Foundation Server, and Pinterest.


Google Drive for Unnamed Game
Google Drive for Unnamed Game

3D Unity Game

We discovered the animated character assets in the 3D Unity Store. Afterword, we imported a file type called FBX. For instance, It’s a file that contains animation, mesh, and bones. However, I didn’t go online to look it up. We imported the sucker into Blender. Then hit a few keys and saw the object move and come to life. 

Excited to work in Blender

The thrill of making unnamed game inspired me to continue to work on Blender and watch a tutorial on making the low poly character. Also, the tutorial is called Complete Beginners Guide to Blender 2.8 if you need a refresher on Blender. Earlier, we were working for a few weeks in Unity. My colleague will continue to work in Unity. Hopefully, I will join him in developing. 

Tyler Editing in Unity 3D
Tyler Editing in Unity 3D

How we get inspired?

During the prototype phase, it’s essential to come up with lots of ideas and not throw them out right away. For example, I created a Pinterest board for us to organize our thoughts in sections. While I can’t share the board, you can check out my other Pinterest boards. Additionally, the pins set up in a category. For instance, world, maps, and towns are good examples to search to get inspiration for your game. However, it is essential to try to focus on a time zone in history because your search is going to be massive. 

Unnamed Game Gathering Chickens
Unnamed Game Tyler Gathering the Troops

Not the end

Thank you for reading the Unnamed Game. Also, if you have a project that you feel excited about, please share it with us in the comments. Similarly, if you’re interested in following our updates? Please subscribe to the blog by clicking the blue ribbon the bottom right. Additionally, please join the conversation below. As promised, I put together an article for you to spark your creativity, check out Fall Harvest: How to get inspiration?

St Lucia: Artistic Stream of Consciousness

Hungry Morning at St Lucia

I got up this morning tired, the alarm buzzed, I snooze it and wait to catch a few mins of sleep. However, my mind is telling me that I need to go on my morning walk. After going back and forth, I finally peeled myself out of bed. Oh, and btw, Im in St Lucia for my brother’s wedding. Where are you now? Eventually, out on my walk, hoping that I will get hungry for the buffet. Finally, After circling the massive pools and palm trees, I heard my alarm ring.

Morning St Lucia

The Buffet

I head back towards the hotel and decide to eat. Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, I think about the possibility of eating food local St Lucia. Then, greeted by the staff and immediately asked for the room number. I reply 5206. The lady at the counter asks me to wait until seated. Eventually, I’m escorted to my seat, preferably on the brighter side of the buffet.

Buffet at St Lucia

Is it really about the taste of food?

Upon writing, lots of details started escaping my mind. I read someplace that the mind loves to pay attention to none annoying elements. For example, it’s a buffet at St Lucia, and they exist everywhere; the more exciting part is what my friend told me. It’s not only about the food, but the presentation. It’s hard to say how long the food has been sitting on the counters.

Instead of me trying to figure the age of food at St Lucia, I decided that having the food prepared in front of me is a lot fresher to eat, then picking up things which sit in the fancy light. My favorite dish was an omelet. Meanwhile, I picked up yogurt and salad. I had asked for green tea but instead got English breakfast tea. Somehow, it made sense to me, so I let it go. Also, I wasn’t going to fight the lady over her choice or lack of tea.

Eating Dinner

The night before, I had dinner at the same place, and I wanted to draw. However, I ended up reading business advice in creating a product, which goes to show that it’s hard to make artwork and eat unless you’re making art with your food. Earlier that day, I was drawing while trying to keep my balance on the catamaran. Not to mention, my mood swinging towards upset and irritated. All in all, a good day.

Catamaran in St Lucia

Bon Voyage

Thank you for reading Artistic Stream of Consciousness at St Lucia. If you haven’t guessed, we stayed at the Royalton. Let me know if you like the vulnerable style of writing or feedback on the artwork or dessert or the fancy new subscribe button all the way at the bottom.

A Shaping Fire that nearly destroyed us!

Shaping Fire

Hi Masters, I looked into improving my blog posts, and I found a useful resource on “Shaping Your Story.” In particular, they suggested that I rethink my intention. In other words, the assignment was to rewrite the story from a different perspective. For example, the story I choose is about a fire that destroyed my computer. Also, they recommended I tag my post with the #shapingyourstory so that it’s easier for other masters to locate my new blog post. Meanwhile, I was deciding between calling shaping fire or developing flame. Therefore, I decided to call it “shaping fire” because it’s more direct and it sounded way cooler. Before I leave you, I just want to say that it was exciting to write, and I do hope you read it.

Shaping Fire

I sat closer to Rom, a white rectangular box that shots out on press of a button. I am a small little semiconductor with three connections. A few circuits over, my favorite neighbor Izzy, the most expensive of the transistors soldered near Cepy. Therefore, I love to chat with Izzy. We speak for many hours about how well we amplify our terminals. Consequently, we boast about our pure silicon that improves flow through our semiconductors. I always thought of us a developing sparkle. Occasionally, Izzy would tell us that her pins got so juiced when Cepy was overworked. We used to sit in front of Cepy and joke around about the developing flame around his exhaust.

Later that day, Izzy and I got a surge of electricity through our pins. It was coming from Rom! Lots of data were being pushed to Cepy. Wisky, the wire, told us that data was coming through the pipe. Then, Cepy began to compute extensive data, and Izzy got really hot. A small sparkle ignited on the surrounding jungle of 15 pin power cables. Cepy reported that the core temperature is going up! Suddenly, I started seeing dark spots behind Rom. Then, out of nowhere, Rom’s lasers and gears stopped moving. Then, a blanket of silence filled our circuits. It’s as if somebody started casting a fire. Suddenly, a big black smoke has begun oozing out of the side of Rom. We never have seen anything like it, a developing flame quickly destroying all of our components.

Closing thoughts

Thank you for reading shaping fire, if my writing helped you or you enjoyed the piece feel free to leave a comment below.