How a Fire Destroyed my Personal Computer?

Fire started unexpectedly


A fellow blogger (Dronstad) had told me not to go back and reedit my old content. Or at least I remember him saying that. Initially, I tried to get a writer for my blog, so I can draw. Nevertheless, I am writing a short story because I want to improve my writing. For example, WordPress sends out daily challenges to improve your writing. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to go back and see what needs an interesting perspective twist. When you are free, please read the following passage and then check out the new perspective.

A fire started as a result of PSU wire, destroying my HDD and case components

A fire started as a result of PSU wire, destroying my HDD and case components. Then, the smoke started filling my room, finally burning through most of the computer parts. I remember being shocked and excited about the event. Meanwhile, convinced that it could have resulted from a poorly sleeved wire. Already, I’m thinking that I will be throwing out my StrikeX (AeroCool) computer tower chassis. Now, who wouldn’t be upset? However, would you see an opportunity?

Looking at a new Switch 810 computer case

After some time, I started looking at a new Switch 810 computer case. Thus, I started looking online for assistance. After some time, I discovered, a “Performance Computing Enthusiast Forum.” While absorbing everything like a sponge, I managed to create a shopping list on the forum. To sum up, I was Impressed. The community is friendly and eager to help me finish building my computer.

Closing thoughts

Meanwhile, I needed the chassis to support water-cooled components. Thus, I was worried about mounting my RX360 radiator because it’s thickness might not fit into the new frame. I plan to install it on the top. However, everything worked out. Though the computer case takes up a lot of space, and I’d prefer to use an in desk PC.

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Art Blog: What is the Best Platform?

Welcome, Masters, today, I want to tell you why I chose WordPress as the best art blog platform. You know the saying, “The journey is what counts and not the result.” What the heck does that even mean!? In other words, I want to guide you from an artistic point of view of my adventure through a few different content platforms. For example, it’s easy to share my artwork because I don’t need to code, what’s more, the importance of not spending time setting up the environment. In the end, I will share a link where you can get started on your blog.

Journey Begins with a Scroll!

The Journey to the Best Blogging Platform

Before the end, you know about the countless sleepless nights spent on tinkering with new ideas or tools? Before I arrived at the best art blog platform, I had to journey through the following programs. For example, I used Azure or GoDaddy hosting with Umbraco or BetterCMS. After tinkering with these applications, I discovered that they take all my attention away from my primary goal. For instance, I spent several nights setting up the platform instead of drawing and writing. As can be seen, I decided that the content is more important then what goes on in the background.

Tiger Art

Earlier I spoke about the artwork that I would love to focus my attention. Today, I want to feature an image of a tiger. As a challenge, I would like you to describe a few attributes associated with that image. Then, try to list large and small things you see hidden in the image. My goal is to get you to see why I believe the image is a good fit for my art blog.

Final thoughts

Finally, thank you for reading art blog, if my writing helped you or you enjoyed the piece feel free to leave a comment below. As promised, here is the link to get started on your blog.