Drawing plan 91: Twitch + RealVNC, AANYC, and Halong Bay

Hi, friends, the other day, I spent my time setting up duel computer Art Twitch Stream for the drawing plan 91. The hardest part was sending a video between the two laptops. For example, I had to try a few programs like Skype, TeamViewer, LetsView, and finally, RealVNC. Out of all, RealVNC had the most significant success. RealVNC is a remote connection through TCP using my WiFi. However, I would love it if it were through the LAN because it’s stable and much faster than WiFi. Meanwhile, I can see many issues, so I’m making a list, but I want to focus on content creation. Therefore, I’m glad I spent the time setting up Twitch, so let’s illustrate something for the drawing plan 91. 

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Drawing plan 90: Journal Emotions, Collect Info, and OBS Overlay

Hi, colleagues, yesterday, for the drawing plan 90, I came up with two ways to control my emotions when somebody upsets you. For the first set, i will focus on the self, and then in the next paragraph, you will get additional advice on approaching the person. For example, whenever you feel angry, write down your thoughts and acknowledge that your upset. Then, understand that anger is a sign that something is not right. Meanwhile, do not, under any circumstance, negatively act on your anger. Besides, giving additional offense on top of anger has a nasty multiplier effect. In the end, what you need to do write down your positive ideas. Thus, let’s try to control our emotions for the drawing plan 90. 

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Drawing plan 89: Art Flow, Art Narrative, Inside the Gila

Hi, creative individuals, for the drawing plan 89, I wrote my morning pages, and I came across a way to create flow for my art. Last night, I wrote in my journal about not having any fun while illustrating. Also, I’m focused on fundamentals, and it’s draining me. While I was writing, I asked myself how to find a way to enjoy the creation process. For example, I love to make morning breakfast. Besides, I enter everything into Cronometer for nutrition tracking. Therefore, I’m considering illustrating cooking and nutrition topics to improve my art flow for the drawing plan 89. 

Morning Page 148

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