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Dragon Sycra Timelapse V2

ūüďĘ Findings On How To Timelapse ‚ŹĪÔłŹ

Ultimately got to my video timelapse finished with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Premier and After Effects. I had forgotten to write how much seconds between shots. It might have been 30 frames per second or FPS. I hope the video comes out right. Nobody watches them anyway, so who cares right? While talking with a friend over the phone, I discovered that about 600 images had a freaking orange color background. The result of leaving my Chronolapse recording while I had closed my tablet. During this time I had joined the Challenges Wild West Key-Frame Concept Art Competition. I’m hoping to get good feedback from the hosts.

Wild West Art Competition

Wild West Art Key Frame Competition

It’s been a while. Sorry, dear followers! Let me update you on what been happening in my life so that we can have a quick chat. A few weeks ago I went on a ski trip to Jay Peak. The week before I’ve been missing my blog posts and focusing on creating a timelapse of me drawing. Somehow I cannot break the habit of setting up my writing schedule. Then I joined a Wild West art contest. My goal is to put the longer waiting tasks on hold, and the shorter life posts up for grabs. The issue is that my life revolves around a solid routine, so I don’t want to bore or repeat myself. Any ideas how to keep it interesting?

Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award & Rules

Some time ago, I got the Quill Commander Award, this time Commander Dronstad has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. If you are new to my blog, please read Striving to Become a Professional Artist. Before I discuss the rules of the award, I wanted to say that he is an excellent writer who is composing exciting war stories that will captivate your eyes and keep you glued to your seat. Also, he is always looking out for other bloggers. Further, it gives me great pleasure to answer his questions. Finally, if you got this far, please visit Dronstad blog, who is a well-read writer and who is sharing his stories.

Dragon Sketches Underway chronolapse

Chronolapse Dragon Sketches Underway

I’m working on putting together a visual-provoking timelapse. I experimented with software called chronolapse. It has a feature to take screenshots every second or the amount you specify. Whats more is that it can combine all of the images into a video. I decided to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, but it quickly becomes a chore to figure out how to output simple motion video. For example, I didn’t know what to set the framerate too, and I didn’t want to spend hours figuring it out.¬† When I have time, I might return to adobe and figure it out, unless somebody knows how to create a simple time-lapse. Chronolapse is excellent, but for some reason, Adobe Premiere is trying to¬†provoke¬†me. In other words, it didn’t take the MPEG format. Nor does Adobe Media Encoder. Therefore, I have to resort to using a dependable FREE VLC Fix!

Subway Doodles Sketch Underway V5

Subway Doodles Sketch Underway V5

Days ago I started a new journey of creating subway doodles. My art instructor,  recommended I try to develop doodles on the subway. He mentioned that this would be a way to practice my eye accuracy. However, my goal is to practice his technique. In fact, a few days ago, I created a video called How To Draw Proportional Spray Can? Thus, when should I practice his way and is there a way I can still blend into my daily trips?

Video Clips & Phoenix Sketches are Underway V4 Final

Video Clips & Phoenix Sketches are Underway V4

I finished the Phoenix, grabbed a few screenshots and shot some excellent video clips. I promise to go into the tools and my workflow in a few minutes. More importantly, I wanted to bring up that my goal is to publish it these every day, but I couldn’t meet the deadline, and if you stick around, I will let you know what transpired. I will¬†go into¬†the¬†software¬†I¬†used to process my images and¬†video¬†clips. Besides, I will discuss my drawing and mistakes and the solutions to these issues. If you¬†stick¬†around till the end of this video, I will walk you through a video¬†timelapse of the whole process.

How to Customize Prompt Thumbnail?

How to Customize WordPress Prompt Thumbnail?

I’m not satisfied¬†with the WordPress “prompt thumbnail” screenshot. The created¬†screenshot¬†is¬†a¬†result of¬†a pingback. Is it possible to customize the thumbnail? Is it crazy to say that we want somebody to click on our little square box to visit our blog? In my opinion, half of my thumbnail doesn’t provide any useful summary of my blog post. For example, what is the point of showing a small tiny menu and a title? In other words, the main-menu is hard to read at that size. Also, why is the name of the post displayed twice? First in white overlayed, then on the image.