Drawing Prompts: My Thoughts

Now and then, I have thoughts about drawing prompts or writing. If I had to choose between the two, you know what which I would pick? Nothing against being a writer, but I feel that I’m struggling and I don’t even know if it’s having a negative or positive impact. In essence, I wrote that because it’s myContinue reading “Drawing Prompts: My Thoughts”


Transcribe Podcast Episode Two

Transcribe it! Is it possible to write freely, draw freely without worry of search engine optimization? I long for having the ability to post images of my drawings. I’m striving to become an artist, and the steps I’m about to take will get me closer. Let me know what you think of the new format?Continue reading “Transcribe Podcast Episode Two”

Community Art Store: Week Review

Hi, today I will try to open my community art store. Hold it, How is your week/weekend? As I’m writing, trying to maintain focus on this while talking to my mom. I’m working on opening up a community art store on my blog. Also, the other day, I was running in the morning and managedContinue reading “Community Art Store: Week Review”

Internet dating & Saturday in a review

Internet dating, I know, you’re probably asking lots of questions. I will reveal what that is about towards the end. I will say though; it has something to do with the Let’s draw meetup. Wait, a MAJOR artist who worked on several triple-A games, Trent Kaniuga gave me a YouTube critique on my artwork (below video). He createdContinue reading “Internet dating & Saturday in a review”