Alien Invasion at Cambridge

Alien had always wanted to start an alien invasion in Cambridge because of its courageous, bright Castles. It was a place where he felt stressed. He was an admirable, violent, wine drinker with chubby ankles and moist lips. His friends saw him as a moldy, mangled monster. Once, he had even made a cup ofContinue reading “Alien Invasion at Cambridge”


Blind Giraffe Genie Searching for Cure

Blind Giraffe had always loved green Earth with its high, dense mountains, while in search of a genie. Also, it was a place where he felt fuzzy. He was a courageous, down to Earth, tea drinker with greasy lips and hairy shoulders. Moreover, his friends saw him as a gleaming, gigantic giant. Once, he hadContinue reading “Blind Giraffe Genie Searching for Cure”

Witch Pet Newt: Plot Generator

The Witch was thinking about Newt again. Newt was a caring angel with red arms and slimy hands, for instance. The Witch walked over to the window and reflected on her beautiful surroundings. She had always loved magical Sidney with its empty, harsh houses. Besides, it was a place that encouraged her tendency to feelContinue reading “Witch Pet Newt: Plot Generator”

A Turtle Playing Trumpet!

Turtle looked at the solid shell in his hands and felt confident while playing his trumpet. Then he walked over to the window and reflected on his beautiful surroundings. He had always loved wild Under The Sea with its square, smoggy seaweed. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel confident. Then heContinue reading “A Turtle Playing Trumpet!”