Nest Inside a Large Crater; He slept

Morning Dragon Nest 🐲 I woke up with lots of energy, jumped out of my nest and ready to go! Not even close, I had to reward myself with an extra 6 mins of sleep. As a matter of fact, my mind didn’t want to shut up with noise about the alarm going off in aContinue reading “Nest Inside a Large Crater; He slept”


Sludge Ski Women and any Inspiration?

When the Sludge Rolled In 🙄 Yesterday, I organized my sludge and added my stories underneath the thoughts menu. Also, let me know if you are having any issues accessing them? As a matter a fact, I learned that I can create menu’s using WordPress categories! Next day, I was on my way to work andContinue reading “Sludge Ski Women and any Inspiration?”

Particular What is the Truth About Blogging?

Today, in Particular, I realized that I need to stop or change the way I produce my stories. In like manner, I will not force myself to post stories at the cost of my sleep, energy and daily activities. Also, after listening to my fellow bloggers, I came to a new understanding, and I will try to put in place. I apologize to anybody who was expecting a story today! Don’t worry I’m not giving up and I have a plan.

Experimental : MaMa I Love You Graffiti

Experimental Graffiti 😍 To begin with, I decided to try out the experimental photo contest. As a matter a fact, on my way home today, I found this interesting graffiti art on the boardwalk. Not to mention, the message is strong and it’s not something you see everyday. Thus, let me know what you feel or thinkContinue reading “Experimental : MaMa I Love You Graffiti”