Quick Poses Equal Growth & Podcast Episode

What are quick poses? It is a small introduction about me and what I’m drawing and future planning. Unfortunately, I have to apologize for the poor voice quality and will try to do better voice recording next round. After the record, I realized it was a mistake to include the background music. I plan to use Adobe Audition to separate the music and the voice. I decided to record the podcast because time is against me and I wanted to tell somebody about it. In doing so, I was able to relieve the pressure and start a dairy.


Quick Poses Podcast

Quick Poses Episode

Throughout the quick poses podcast, I get my inspiration using a tool called quick poses. You’re going to love it if you’re a striving artist like me? Why? The device throws 60-second poses at you, and your challenge is to draw them with as much accuracy as you can muster up. Earlier, I wrote about my sketchbook, describing my experience of drawing from life and getting inspiration from 7th Dragon 3 Code: VFO game fan art. Though, drawing from quick poses will get me closer to the human’s proportions. Also, it will prevent me from making up impossible poses like in the following article.

What Atmospheric Pressure Reveals A Dark Intent?

Thank you for listening!

Again sorry for the poor audio quality of quick poses recording, and I hope that maybe the summary did a better job explaining my experience. I want to include the text version of the podcast, but I don’t want to spend time writing it. Does anybody know of an excellent transcribing service for my podcast? If you’re interested in offering your service, let me know in the comments below or use my contact page.

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