Nightmare Dronstad: How to draw?

There is not every day you want to be a writer. Therefore, I’m writing to let you know that I drew something incredible. Plus, I know, you’re expecting a ๐Ÿ“ tease. furthermore, Dronstad contacts me about his nightmare and asks me to do a picture for him. And that’s it. Therefore, I signed up; he gave me the details. It’s about a single chap looking out towards the sky. Furthermore, death is looming over the crusted ground. Above the horizon, I filled it with clouds and strikes of lightning, far enough for the man to see and stretch his shadow. Besides, the left side, you will find a broken down house with junk laying near it. Then, I started on May 5th and finished on June 6th. Finally, if you are interested in reading it, please visit The Nightmare on his blog. Otherwise, stick around for the making of.

Dronstad Nightmare: Behind the Scenes

We exchanged details over Twitter, and I copied them into Google Keep. During my commute to work, I referenced them as I continued to draw the Horror.

The storm is too far away for him to feel the moisture of it. You can make the storm a thin line on the horizon. That would be the best depiction of what I wrote in the story. ๐Ÿ˜€ You only need to make the clouds look like blisters, like unrefined cotton that blossoms in the far. And blur everything in between the clouds and the land. There you can add dots and lines of the thunderstorm.

Feedback from Dronstad Nightmare
Notes on Nightmare
Notes on Nightmare

Final Thoughts and Behind the Scene Pictures

That is pretty much the end of the nightmare. I saw this picture in my head, and I draw it as you will soon see. I illustrated many iterations of it until Dronstad was happy. You might be interested in reading Steam Dreams because Dronstad wrote a story about another art piece I had drawn for him. Also, you can check my story about the making of Steam Dreams.

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