Sugarbush 2018 & Massive Snowstorm & Ski Trip

Sugarbush 2108 Feature

Up above, a massive snowstorm Sugarbush 2018, is coming to the northeast, and I’m getting ready to ski in Sugarbush. Im trying something new today, it will be messy. I decided to write my story today without the aid of Yoast. I will rely on my wit, and hopefully, the story comes out exciting read for you.

Massive Snowstorm Sugarbush
Massive Snowstorm Sugarbush

Massive Snowstorm Sugarbush 2018

Earlier Uber prices surge because of an accident on the highway caused diversions. I waited a bit while watching YouTube, but then I realized I might be late. So I hurried downstairs. I grabbed my light bag and skis, put on my giant boot bag and called the elevator. After a quick breath, I hailed for a Uber and waited for it to show.

Sugarbush 2018 Massive Snowstorm in sitting in a warm car
Sugarbush 2018 Massive Snowstorm sitting in a warm car

On my way to Fresh to Go in a warm Honda accord. I got an Uber pool, traffic is terrible, so I got the Uber to myself. We are driving up ocean parkway because of traffic conditions. Earlier, I learned that the bus is 30 mins late, so that means that I will get less sleep for Saturday. From fresh to go, it will take about 6:30 – 7 hours to drive or four days if I walk.

Before getting to Starbucks

Earlier, I was packing for my ski trip. If it weren’t for my reusable ski packing list, I would have forgotten my ski undies. Getting out of the car, I realized its impossible to stand outside. Snow and sleet are pouring out; I decided to pop into Starbucks and see if my ski mates are there. To my surprise, I was the only one. Okay, it didn’t take too long till i wasn’t just me. In fact, i found myself playing a card game called Love Letter.

Sugarbush 2108 Massive snowstorm while waiting at Starbucks
Sugarbush 2108 Massive snowstorm while waiting at Starbucks

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