Black: What is a good transition point?

Fade to Black 🕶️ 😍

At the present time, the magical dancer was teaching our neophyte how to create clothes. In other words, we should give Mike a proper attire, we discover this in the story Dancing: How to do an Art Dance? At the same time, Mike is practicing his spells, potions are flying and the lights flicker Black. Henceforth, stay glued to your screens, more developments to come in the next post!

To begin with today post, I realized it is time to relax the superficial voice and be me! Thus, I will reveal more of my thoughts about the story and how they come together. Yet, I will continue writing the story with the art. Seeing to improve my art and influence others. In the first place, fade to black makes a good transition point and I can’t wait to see what I make next!

Into the darkness, Questions will be answered⁉️

A while ago, I recorded a short time-lapse of me drawing, Dragon Egg: How to be Inspired? Please let me know what you think? Was it useful or I can improve something? Also, let me know if this should the video be short or long? In contrast, my earlier post Panacea: The Story that Could of Been? I wrote it in a different format, as compared to above, which do you prefer? Besides, do you like this character or the character from Proxy: What Destruction Can be Caused By War?

In the light of my creations, I want to see your creations in the comments below. Also, my grammar and English isn’t that good either, if you see something odd, please let me know!? Moreover, if you haven’t already read about me, head over to my about page or Who I Am and Why I’m here? If you like what you see, please like, re-blog and follow for more inspiration!  ¯¯_(ツ)_/¯

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