How a Fire Destroyed my Personal Computer?

Fire started unexpectedly

PC fire started as a result of PSU wire, destroying my HDD and case components. Also, the smoke filling my room, the fire burned most of the parts. Although this may be true, it could have resulted from a sleeved wire. By the same token, I will be throwing out my StrikeX (AeroCool) tower. In the first place, I’m upset and I have to buy new parts.

Of course, I plan to replace my full tower case and other parts. Not to mention, I’m looking at the Switch 810. However, I’m worried about mounting my RX360 Rad because it’s thickness doesn’t fit well in the drive bay. To say nothing of EX Vertical Reservoir, it is similar to XS-PC parts. Finally, if anybody has any suggestions please leave a comment below? This is going to be hard because.

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