Truth Scrum Methodology Real World First Impressions, I can say that it works well in an environment where uncertainty prevails. Most of my projects are different and were done for the first time. Compared to Waterfall approach, I enjoy the consistent transparency and the chance to inspect the increment for improvements or failures. I've experienced that in the real world, people modify methodologies and don't stay true to them. Even with Waterfall, I've heard developers speak with business to confirm what they want before the product is ready for testing. It is common to inspect and give transparency before release to production. The scrum framework supports these ideas and that is why I like this methodology. Scrum has allowed me to be more social and collaborative. I learned how to work together with a small team and coordinate events. Planning events isn't my strong suit. I realized that it is better to start the planning process mid-week. In my brief experience with Scrum, we usually started on Monday, but people are more focused on other days of the week. Of course it depends on where you work. I quickly learned that it is very hard to implement it successfully in any setting, especially when people around you don't support the idea. As I mentioned earlier, it seems like the more popular approach is to take bits of the methodology and apply it to your workflow to increase the chances of a successful product release. Thank you for sticking around for The Scrum Methodology Impressions posting and good luck on your travels. Please check out some these links to get a better idea about the Scrum Methodology. I challenge you to try take the Scrum Assessment here. It's not to difficult and you may take it as many times as you like. If you can get all the questions right, your on your way in becoming a Scrum master.

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