I was looking around for a way to reset a form that was already validated by Unobtrusive jQuery Client Validation. JQuery validate doesn't have any way to reset the UI after errors occur. However, you can safely use:

var validator = $( "#myform" ).validate();

The best example I found online was on John Culviner blog. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but it was a good start. He resets the form by using a button and attributes, I need a function that does that, so I create a plugin that clears the form on demand.


Clear Reset Form Unobtrusive jQuery validation part 2

usage: $("#signupform").clearForm() [code lang="js"] (function ($) { $.fn.clearForm = function (options) { // This is the easiest way to have default options. var settings = $.extend({ // These are the defaults. formId: this.closest('form') }, options); var $form = $(settings.formId); //reset jQuery Validate's internals $form.validate().resetForm(); //reset unobtrusive validation summary, if it exists $form.find("[data-valmsg-summary=true]") .removeClass("validation-summary-errors") .addClass("validation-summary-valid") .find("ul").empty(); //reset unobtrusive field level, if it exists $form.find("[data-valmsg-replace]") .removeClass("field-validation-error") .addClass("field-validation-valid") .empty(); return $form; }; }(jQuery)); [/code] Good luck on your adventure! This should help a few people using unobtrusive Validation with MVC3.

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