Deciding on a graphic can be tough, especially when the specs are displayed in different locations! 

Initially I put together this table for myself, but then I figured somebody else might find it useful.

Okay, so here I have 4 different tablets:

  • Wacom Mobile Studio 16
  • Wacom Mobile Studio 13
  • IdeaPad Mixx 720
  • Surface Pro - Intel Core i7

I really wish that I can try each out before buying, so I can give you all a better review.  

A few quick thoughts on the compared...

  • I could be wrong, but looking at the Wacom, CPU is a bit behind as compared to the other two tablets.
  • Does anybody know if the SSD inside these tablets are any good?
  • Its a shame that the camera on IdeaPad isn't 8 MP. Also see the Adobe RGB of 91% supported.
  • Edged glass is used on all models

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