To market yourself, the answer is simple, be consistent! Growing your influence can be a daunting task, but if you keep at it, people will start to take notice. Here are some things you can try:

  • Post something interesting at least 2 times a day
  • Ask for feedback
  • Give back to your favorite community by providing helpful advice

People can get into community life

Try to get involved with the community, you will notice that people might take interest in you! However, I'm not suggesting you start each post with... "here is my PayPal link" and start begging for a donation. If I don't find your value useful, I won't even give you my time. From my 3D modeling experience, I've been giving feedback on to various artists. I have purchased a few valuable plugins, that will enhance my workflow. This is a means to give back to the community and a way for others to notice you. I've been creating art and sharing it on Instagram. Always thank the creators of the tool, this will not only help the tool-maker, but help you get noticed. In return, the tool gains popularity and perhaps the people creating the tool might even make it better. One such tool, is Blender.

Who can we really learn from?

When I used to play World of Tanks, I noticed that good players were noticed, obviously right? :P Look, they didn't start off being amazing tank drivers day one. They had maintained a consistent effort, learned a few things and started growing their reputation. People will want to know how your able to play so well? You can share your tips and tricks on YouTube or in a blog post. The key was being consistent here, if you keep at it, you will eventually get better. After you share your idea's and people will praise you for it. Another important note here, keep trying different things, don't give up. I actually lost interest in the game, but I found something else I was more passionate about.

Some final words

Another word about being consistent, if you want to market yourself in social media, don't limit yourself to one area. Try to look at Twitter and YouTube. I looked up to Casey Neistat, I watched his vlogs till the end. One important thing I noticed was that his success came from being consistent, publishing his videos every night. I use Twitter for lighter topics, such as an interesting posting or a saying. You can try publishing something on YouTube, for example I published my mother's Russian recipes. This is important to me because I want to show how my mother cooks and I want to document it. I can one day come back to it and try to follow along here.

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