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Win Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 worth $3000 Giveaway

"Creative freedom in a powerful mobile studio" "Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 packs an entire studio full of powerful creative tools into a slim, lightweight package – including the incredibly accurate Wa…

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3 Tips to Start with Social Media

3 Tips to Start with Social Media. How to market yourself, the answer is simple, be consistent! Growing your influence can be a daunting task, but if you keep at it, people will start to take notice. …

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What is Scrum Methodology

What is Scrum Methodology. Truth Scrum Methodology Real World First Impressions, I can say that it works well in an environment where uncertainty prevails. Most of my projects are different and were d…

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How to properly use multi threading

How to properly use multi threading. Programmers who start coding with multithreading and C#, get different first impressions. First, they are either afraid of new frameworks and patterns, then try th…

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