How to Make an Awesome About page and Make More Money!

Let them know who you are and why should the person reading this care?

For example, I'm a computer specialist, I build this website using Umbraco CMS as the foundation! Once you got them past the heading and grabbed their attention, let them know about your goals. I would say, I'm interested in learning more about Blender. I want to find an internship or meetup to challenge myself. Then you can stick an Ad on the right of the page or somewhere in between to bring in money. Then discuss, something about where you came from, I can say that I had grown from using WordPress, Dreamweaver (yep lol), Bootstrap and Blender & Maya Autodesk.

You could also make a simple list:

Technologies, Software & Frameworks

  • Responsive Web Design: Foundation, Bootstrap
  • Visual Studio: C#, Angular & MVC
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio: TSQL
  • 3D Graphics: Modeling, Scene setup

You can ask them to click on your Ad (:P) or at least not disable your Ads. It keeps the site running smoothly :) 

I shell leave you with these small tips, good luck with the about page!